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Ken Howard
CEO / Managing Director
Ken Howard Dot Com Pty Ltd
ABN: 84-114-702-153

PO Box 290 Shellharbour City Centre NSW 2529 Australia
(Due to copyright information, the street address is not made public, please contact us before any deliveries)

Aussie Mobile: 0418 541 202 (+61 418 541 202) International Cell Phone (diverted to MessageBank when he is overseas - so always leave a message or text which is far better...)
02 4295 3217 Main Phone Landline (permanently diverted to Ken's cell phone)
Fax: 02 4295 3218 Fax (dedicated line, DO NOT place calls to this number)
(International Phone: +61 2 4295 3217 [Fax: 3218])


AFRICA ~ When Ken is in AFRICA, it is best to email him
or send text to his Aussie mobile or you can contact Ken thru...
Selassie Marley (his African Representative) on
+27 (76) 239 0830
                or for his African charity, all inquiries must go thru...
                Richard Kumasih on +233 244 105 406
(contact Richard for support DO NOT contact Ken directly unless contributing)
                Ken now has an office in South Africa...

USA ~ When Ken is in the USA his cell phone number is
+1 731 609 8105 - Current Status: Off

USA ~ TN ~ When Ken is in the USA in Tennessee contact him thru his son James Howard on +1 731 212 9898

EUROPE ~ When Ken is in Germany his cell phone number is
+49 1578 1488 936 - Current Status: Off

HONG KONG ~ When Ken is in Hong Kong his cell phone number is +49 1578 1488 936 - Current Status: Off

URGENT ~ When you need  to contact Ken urgently no matter which country he is in, call Daniel Silva (his legal intern) on +61 488 541 202 (0488 541 202) and he will get in touch with Ken immediately.

*** If you wish to help with Ken's charity work in Africa, please contact Ken to make a contribution of which 100% will go to those in need.












Need To Call KHDC From Overseas?
KHDC is based south of Sydney.
To check the time difference, a TIME LINK has been created here at











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